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Our new clinic specialised in foot mechanics.

We are delighted to bring our new venture and second clinic to Donnybrook, only a short stroll from our current location, Morehampton clinic, passed the famous Kiely’s pub. We have transformed the former arts studio into a ‘one-stop shop’ service for all mechanical foot and running complaints.

At Donnybrook Foot Mechanics our sports Podiatrists are experts in foot orthotics, walking & running gait analysis and footwear consultation. We specialise in:
Rehabilitation of mechanical foot and running injuries.
Custom orthotics for shoes, sandals and slippers.
Select ladies footwear for tricky feet or feet that want support.


Our high-tech markerless 3D running analysis allows us to precisely analyse and optimise: running technique & gait, footwear & insoles – all during a single appointment.
At Donnybrook foot mechanics our 3D motion studio caters for runners at all levels not just elites. In 1 hr you can get an accurate picture and insight into to your running mechanics and performance which up to now was only available to elite athletes in Sports medicine hospitals.

We have a particular interest in the female athlete and active women of all ages. In a single appointment, we can prescribe custom orthotics, custom sandals, custom flip flops and custom slippers all from the same foot cast/scan.
No longer do you need to worry about a loss of support or pain relief when you kick off your shoes. We select ladies specialist footwear for tricky feet that need support without orthopaedic footwear.

Treatment Options

3D Motion Analysis

Note: Appointment times may vary if orthotics measurement or fitting required.
  • Gold Option – € 200.00 (90 mins)
  • Silver Option – € 120.00 (60 mins)
  • Bronze Option – € 70.00 (30mins)

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Donnybrook Foot Mechanics

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Mary Moore & Associates Podiatry clinic is a modern, HSE recognised centre for all your footcare needs. In particular Mary has specialist expertise in Sport Podiatry and Lower Limb Biomechanics.

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