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In physical high-speed sports like rugby, accidents are more likely to occur, including the risk of spraining your big toe. Turf toe may not sound like much, but it can keep you out of the game. Man of the match, <strong>Dan Sheehan</strong>, is a good example of someone who may be prone to this injury given his positioning in the scrum.


Mary chatted with Claire Byrne in RTE Studio about footcare for Active feet. Over the last few months in clinic, we have noted a great uptake in preparation for the Camino de Compostela, the Dublin mini-marathon or other similar hikes and races, these were trips and events postponed because of Covid and it was great to see the excitement and optimism return even around preparation for them.


At Mary Moore Podiatry we want to empower you to be Proactive with preventing Diabetic foot problems and feel confident about being active and enjoying exercise. We have seen our patients achieve this when they understand how unmanaged Diabetes can affect their feet.

Mary Moore & Associates Dublin Podiatry clinics based in Glasnevin and Donnybrook Foot Mechanics are modern centres for all your footcare needs. In particular, Mary has specialist expertise in Podiatric Biomechanics and gait analysis using digital Video Gait Analysis and computerized Pressure Measurement Systems.

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