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Sports And Exercise Induced Injuries


Require treatment for sport injuries?


What Is The Treatment For Sport Injuries?

We understand the importance of Sport to your life regardless of the participation level. Therefore knowledge of your sports biomechanics is essential to enable the earliest safe return to activity and reduce the risk of injury reoccurance at the same site or along the same limb due to faulty biomechanics and adverse loading of the limbs. We focus not only on treatment but rehabilitation. If you have mechanical, dance or sport injuries caused by overuse then a Biomechanical Assessment can be arranged including Video Gait Analysis with a computerized foot pressure scan. Our Sports Podiatrists will investigate the abnormal stresses that lead to tissue strain and foot instability. Correction of foot instability and restoration of tissue provides the basis for each individual treatment plan. However toe nail, blisters and hard skin conditions can equally interfere with sporting activity and competition. All our clinicians are more than competent at relieving such conditions.

Mary Moore & Associates Dublin Podiatry clinics based in Glasnevin and Donnybrook Foot Mechanics are modern centres for all your footcare needs. In particular, Mary has specialist expertise in Podiatric Biomechanics and gait analysis using digital Video Gait Analysis and computerized Pressure Measurement Systems.

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