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Biomechanical Assessment

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What Is Podiatric Biomechanics?

Podiatric biomechanics is the study of forces acting on the human body its structure and function with a particular reference to the lower limb and foot. Standing and walking is achieved by the interplay of external forces such as footwear, orthotics and terrain acting on the foot and lower leg and internal forces acting across muscles and joints. Mechanical injury occurs when adverse load acting on the foot and/or leg by either force types create tissue stress to a point of failure/pain. Mechanical injury is often complex therefore a structured, holistic assessment is employed by all our Podiatrists. The initial Biomechanical assessment includes:

1) Thorough medical history
2) Examination of presenting complaint
3) Dynamic functional muscle and joint tests
4) Non weightbearing couch examination of the hip, knee, ankle and foot joints, muscle strength and length tested, leg length examined
5) Weightbearing Foot posture and Limb symmetry assessment
6) Gait analysis assessment barefoot and with shoes
7) Preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan
8) Treatment plan may include, Orthotics, Video Gait Analysis, Foot Mobilization, Podiatric Acupunture & Dry Needling, Footwear consultation

If you suffer from foot and lowelimb pain, please contact us. To learn more about lowerlimb mechanical conditions treated at the clinic, please visit the conditions page of the website.

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Mary Moore & Associates Podiatry clinic is a modern, HSE recognised centre for all your footcare needs. In particular Mary has specialist expertise in Sport Podiatry and Lower Limb Biomechanics.

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