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Routine Footcare


Require routine footcare?


What Is Routine Footcare?

Corn/Callus are hard plaques of skin which form on the foot in areas of high or adverse pressure. During a routine treatment the lesions will be removed but they can grow back if the adverse pressure continues from shoes or the shape of the foot. In cases where corns reoccur we offer to offload hammer toes and bunions with custom/premade toe props and cushions. Often we will suggest a Biomechanical Assessment to uncover the mechanical reason of corn/callus formation. Orthopaedic footwear may be offered where foot deformity is the cause of adverse pressure. Our Podiatrists practice to the highest standards of infection control. All treatment are performed wearing gloves and single use instruments per patient.
Routine Treatments include fungal, psoriatic nail care and Verruca treatment.

Mary Moore & Associates Dublin Podiatry clinics based in Glasnevin and Donnybrook Foot Mechanics are modern centres for all your footcare needs. In particular, Mary has specialist expertise in Podiatric Biomechanics and gait analysis using digital Video Gait Analysis and computerized Pressure Measurement Systems.

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