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The Growing Foot

children’s foot

Require children’s foot examination?


What Are Children’s Foot Problems?

It is important to understand that children’s foot problems should not be viewed as mini adult issues. Our Podiatrists frequently advise parents about children’s foot development. We explain the normally expected milestone in the growing foot, what to expect at each age group. Compromised posture at the hip, knee, ankle or foot joints and unusual walking patterns are other reasons to consult our Glasnevin and Donnybrook clinic. Often only reassurance and postural exercise is required but sometimes specialised Paediatric Orthoses or other forms of treatment are indicated. Children regularly present to the clinic with routine conditions such as Verrucae and ingrown toenails.

Mary Moore & Associates Dublin Podiatry clinics based in Glasnevin and Donnybrook Foot Mechanics are modern centres for all your footcare needs. In particular, Mary has specialist expertise in Podiatric Biomechanics and gait analysis using digital Video Gait Analysis and computerized Pressure Measurement Systems.

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