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Gait Analysis

gait analysis

Require gait analysis?


What Is Gait Analysis?

A premium treatment to evaluate how your feet and legs function when you run. Video gait analysis enables the study of abnormal movements of muscles and joints dynamically. We use a combination of Coaches Eye App and Motion Metrix 3d Gait Analysis, to capture video and replay it in slow motion, measure angles and
synchronize video clips side by side to analyze differences in gait patterns before and after treatment. You will be able to see how you walk/run/dance, which helps to establish the mechanism of the Sports injury, and where the load was adverse for the leg and foot. 3D Gait Analysis can also capture the effectiveness of footwear and running shoes with or without orthotics. Discretion is used as to when video and pressure platform analysis is required, generally required for complex Sports injuries. A computerized pressure analysis system Tekscan, Matscan ©, provides valid information about the pressure underneath the barefoot or shoe whilst walking or running.

Mary Moore & Associates Dublin Podiatry clinics based in Glasnevin and Donnybrook Foot Mechanics are modern centres for all your footcare needs. In particular, Mary has specialist expertise in Podiatric Biomechanics and gait analysis using digital Video Gait Analysis and computerized Pressure Measurement Systems.

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