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Novice Runners and Foot Posture

21/01/2019 by Mary Moore0

If you are like many who are keen to start running and have download the couch to 5k apps this blog is for you.

A new year often brings new motivation to get healthier, stronger or lose weight after all the Christmas excess.

Newly published high-quality research from clinical biomechanicslooked at the association between foot posture and running related injuries in 600 novice runners.

They found that inexperienced runners whose feet roll in too much were 20 times more likely to injury than a neutral foot and feet that were rolling out or supinated had a 76.8 times higher odds of injury compared to a neutral foot.

This research supports what we often see in a clinical setting.

When the decision is made to start running  new runners, socks maybe buy a Fitbit are bought.

After the first couple of runs are breathing gets easier, stamina improves and it is easy to be lulled into a sense that the body and feet are getting fit at the same rate.

Alas the reality is a bit different. Our bones, muscles and in particular tendons and ligament need more time to adapt than our cardio respiratory system

But don’t despair our feet are amazing feats, no pun intended of engineering. Often the adaptation of pronation or supination to put a label on it is our feet compensating for the increased workload and demand of the musculoskeletal system as our bodies have not yet build up the capacity to cope with the necessary strain from running to absorb shock from the ground store it and then use it again as kinetic energy, a process harnessed by good experienced efficient runner

Our feet are great at adapting for this new workload by rolling in or out but yes the downside is that it increases the risk of injury such as conditions including arch pain, shin splints, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and runners knee or patello femoral pain.

The important thing to note that these overuse injuries may all be as a result of your feet and legs adapting to the increase in exercise.

So rather than quitting and thinking running is not for you contact us on Facebook @donnybrookfootmechanics or @marymoorepodiatry.

Our highly experienced Podiatrists will assess your foot posture statically and dynamically. All our runners are invited to have a 3D Gait analysis assessment as part of the initial assessment.

In some cases orthotics specially fitted insoles will make all the difference to your symptoms.

Often it is only footwear changes, exercise therapy and  muscle adaption that will make all the difference.

We work closely with technical running shops including Jim the owner of to get the best footwear to get the most out of your ride

Mary Moore

MSc Clinical Biomechanics Podiatrist.


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