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Very often people believe foot orthoses are only for young active and sporty people. In my practice a client will say i am too old for orthotics whats the point?
This is definitely not the case foot orthoses when prescribed correctly using the correct shape and materials can make difference by an increase in mobility and reduce the risk of falls in the older population.
Evidence of this is highlighted in the article below. Menz and his researchers show how Podiatry input in the community makes a significant difference to the rate of falls in an older population with disabling footpain.


Best foot forward: Podiatry will keep you on your toes

People often think that a course in podiatry involves three years of learning how to cut little old ladies’ toenails – but that couldn’t be further from the truth,” says Emma Cowley, lecturer in podiatry at the University of Plymouth and adviser to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists. “In fact, podiatry is the only allied health profession where you can go onto train to become a surgeon, in which case you can do things like bone operations and removing toes. And even if you stay in podiatry, you are entirely autonomous – in that you can make a diagnosis and act on it, including prescribing certain drugs. There is also the opportunity to specialise in areas such as diabetes, rheumatology, children and sports injuries.”

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