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Fungal Nail Test

19/09/2018 by Mary Moore0

Advantages of ‘five minute fungus’ testing    By Fiona Boyle

  • Rapid results!
  • No need for nail clippings to be sent to a laboratory and await results.
  • Scientifically proven to provide accurate, reliable results.
  • Immediate results to allow for treatment without delay.

  • Think you have a fungal nail infection?You are not alone! Fungal nail infections ‘onychomycosis’ are common problem which is thought to effect 60% of adults over the age of 60.  Fungal nails classically present with discolouration to your nail plate and thickening of the nail. One nail can be affected or more. Early diagnosis and effective treatment are key to prevent deterioration and/or spread to other nails or skin.Five Minute Fungus!At Mary Moore Podiatry we can help. In our clinics in Donnybrook and Glasnevin our Podiatrists now offer a fungal nail consultation and in-clinic ‘five-minute fungus’, fungal nail testing with proven diagnosis reliability similar to that of laboratory investigations. However, this test is pain-free, quick and effective with results confirmed within five minutes without the need to visit your GP and await laboratory results, which can often take weeks!
  • What’s involved?

  • What if the test confirms I do have a fungal nail infection? At Mary Moore Podiatry our podiatrists are expertly trained to provide you with a treatment plan suited to you following a positive diagnosis as part of your consultation.Treatment options include:
  • Education and advice.
  • Guidance for over the counter anti-fungal remedies.
  • Medical grade low-level laser.

For further information on fungal nail self-help see our Fungal Nail Self Help blog post.

  • What if the test confirms I don’t have a fungal nail infection?

If the test result is negative for a fungal infection there are other conditions which may be causing discolouration or thickening of your nails including:

  • Trauma to your nail.
  • Reduced peripheral blood flow.
  • Nail melanoma.

Our Podiatrists will comprehensively assess you and your history and provide you with education, treatment and guidance to best manage your care. Sometimes a referral to a Dermatologist (a skin and nail specialist) may be required.

How to book a fungal nail consultation?

Call our receptionists to book in for a fungal nail consultation on 018623866 or email Our clinic is open daily with early morning and late evening appointments to suit your busy schedule.

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